Lighting Fires The Performing Arts intention is to ignite the flame of curiosity and passion within in the hearts and minds of the students at park. We thrive to deliver and develop key live skills and to nurture passionate, imaginative, and creative individuals, preparing them for further education and future careers. The performing arts curriculum prepares students to become independent and creative through the delivery of a diverse range of schemes of work which allows students to develop an understanding of different styles and practitioners. Furthermore, the performing arts curriculum promotes a sense of self-worth and encourages a growth in confidence, resilience, and autonomy.


Releasing Potential The KS3 curriculum enables students to build up a good repertoire of basic skills that students need to master before they go into KS4. Students learn a range of different choreographic devices and performance skills that build their self-confidence and teamwork skills that are fundamental to their learning. Students have the opportunity to learn different styles of Dance and are encouraged to self-assess and evaluate the work of others. Examples of units are Thriller, Bollywood, Hip hop, Swan Song, Stimulus and Dance with a prop which all include looking at a wide range of dance styles.

Once in KS4 students then begin studying for the RSL Level 2 Certificate in Creative and Performing Arts (Dance) which consists of two units; Ensemble and Live Performance.

Performance Students look at physical fitness and effectiveness as a performer through safe practice, technique classes, rehearsal, and performance. They are encouraged to work together to create and perform pieces which challenge students and enable them to achieve their full potential.

Choreography Students explore ideas based around a variety of stimuli through creating, improvising, developing, and selecting movements appropriate to a theme or stimulus. Throughout the course they create a group piece of choreography as well as a solo, both of which are based on stimuli from professional dance works.

Analysis Students develop their evaluative skills through describing and analysing their practical work. They will keep a weekly journal where they will evaluate strengths, areas for improvement and set personal targets.

Homework is set every 2 weeks via Multiple Choice Questioning (MCQ).


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