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Prepare for your Next Step

At Park we believe that a good careers education is a vital part in raising our student’s aspirations and assist them in making informed decisions about their future. We pride ourselves in ensuring that our students are ready and prepare for their next steps in many ways.


Gatsby Benchmarks Parent and Carer Apprenticeship Pack Overview of CEIAG per year Intention, Implementation and Impact

Careers Information 24/7

We know our students like to investigate in their own time, so we have ensured to provided access to careers information 24/7. Our students can assess through the school website a range of online resources to assist them. Within our Careers programme there is allocated time to explore these resources with their mentors.

Work Experience

In July all of year 10 have an opportunity to complete a two-week work experience placement. This is an exciting opportunity for students to develop an understanding of the skills and knowledge that is required in a variety of careers.

All students have access to the EBP South's work experience database. Within this work experience program, you will find a full list of all placement opportunities offered by the employers taking part in the Work Experience. Alternatively, students can source their own private placement, if they already have a work placement in mind.

Working with Universities

By the age of 16, every student should have had a meaningful encounter (a ‘meaningful encounter’ is one in which the student has an opportunity to explore what it is like to learn in that environment) with providers of the full range of learning opportunities, including sixth forms, colleges, universities and apprenticeship providers. This should include the opportunity to meet both staff and students. By the age of 18, all students who are considering applying for university should have had at least two visits to universities to meet staff and students.

At Park Community School we have an excellent Gifted and Talented programme where gifted and talented students are taken to a selection of universities to experience what it is like and the opportunities open to them.

Our gifted and talented students visit Portsmouth, Southampton, Oxford including a residential open to Y10 students and 1:1 mentoring program.

However all students also get the opportunity to work with Chichester and Portsmouth University several times throughout their time at Park.

What options do I have when I leave Park?

Click on the links to find out more about the options available to you…

Local Colleges

We are very luck to have such a wide range of local colleges, information can be found about the colleges and the courses they offer online. In Year 10 students get an opportunity to visit the local colleges for a taster day, experiencing what it would be like to student at the college and experience the courses they are interested in. Year 11 have further visits and talks from the colleges.

Careers Adviser

What is available?

The school buys in Hampshire Futures to provide 2 days a week of impartial information, advice and guidance support.

Our careers adviser will see students individually, for appointments lasting around 50 minutes (however is able see you more than once if needed!) and is also available to answer any quick questions or take referrals on a drop-in basis at break and lunchtime on her days in school.

Students do not have to know what they want to do before they have a careers appointment as our adviser can talk through options, suggest resources for research, and provide detailed information on college courses, qualifications, apprenticeship opportunities and jobs.


Students can self-refer, parents/carers can request an appointment or mentors can refer students. This can be done in a variety of ways:

Appointments System

Our careers adviser will email mentors with the list of appointments for the week and mentors will then let their mentees know if they have an appointment.

Business Links

At Park Community School we are ‘Much More Than Just a School’ as part of our drive to ensure our students have more than just qualifications we are keen to ensure our students are set for their future in the work of work.

Could you or your company make a real and lasting difference to the lives of our students here at Park whilst benefitting your own business? At Park we are looking to set up links with businesses to enable our students to access skills from experts within a wide range of industries. Our Business links also enables your companies to connect with each other forming a fantastic business network through the membership of our business ambassador club.

We have already set up links with a variety of companies throughout the school including;

There are many ways in which you and your company can get involved from one off short talks to an extended commitment.

  • Mock interviews - spend some time interviewing very nervous students, then choosing your top applicant to “give the job” too.
  • Talks to students - my job role and how I got here
  • Hosting work experience students for two weeks in the summer term
  • Speed networking events - talk to small groups about your role and what skills and qualities you require
  • Discovery Days - taking a small group of Y9 on site giving them a taste of what it’s like to work within your industry
  • Expert sessions – linking your industry to subjects in school – giving talks and assisting subject teachers about how the subject links into the world of work.

Working with Park Community School will bring direct and tangible benefits;

  • Raising your profile
  • Developing the future workforce
  • Improving staff recruitment
  • Achieving your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives (CRS)
  • Use of our beautiful conference facilities for your training needs
  • Use of our design and print company providing quality printing
  • Moulding your future apprentices from as early as Y9
  • Networking through our ambassador club events

If you would like to find out more about the possibility of becoming a business ambassador
please contact us via Email: Bussiness Links.